Do you avoid space?

Hello, my friends.

You haven't heard from me in the past few weeks. Why?

Well, it's nothing personal, but it's intentional. This intention is called space. I'm not talking about going to out of space on the next space ship launch, I'm talking about that flicker of a moment where you aren't feeling the urge to be doing something - often we hear this doing as "I'm busy."

So, welcome to the New Year, my friends. Have you started to fill-up your plans for the entire year yet or swear that this is the year you'll start working out? I hope your Holidays were fabulous in every way possible, and now let's start the New Year talking about space.

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This concept of space is what I like to call filling the void. What I'm talking about are all the times when we disconnect from ourselves. When we are afraid to go a little bit hungry, so we constantly feed our selves. When we're afraid of silence so we feel we need to constantly have noise around us. When we're constantly consuming information, even when it doesn't particularly interest us. When we're afraid to hear what someone will say to us, so we don't allow them to speak. When we feel we need to run around buying every gift possible for the Holidays because we feel that's we're supposed to do. When we won't allow ourselves time to do something for ourselves without having to involve anyone else. When we feel we need to make a New Year's resolution because it goes with the start of a New Year - even when it's overloading us. When we don't want to feel a negative emotion, so we buy something instead. On and on the list goes.

No wonder we get lost in our thoughts, feel drained, question what the hell we're doing, what matters to us, and lose sight of where we want to go with our lives. We end up reacting to everything around us instead of making progress in the direction we truly want to go.

I'm not sure what direction I want to go you say? Without giving yourself the space to find out, it becomes extremely difficult to find out.

So for this very reason, you haven't heard from me over the Holidays. All thought counter-intuitive, it's a time I work on giving myself a lot of space to make sure I'm not stumbling into the New Year doing the same old - and you for sure don't need more content to absorb that fills your space.

If you haven't made a New Year's resolution, then great. I encourage you to start giving yourself space so that you can find out which direction you want to head.

So, how do you start giving yourself space?

Little by little some small steps you can start with are:

  • Slowing down your meals by even a few minutes

  • Pause after you've stopped speaking

  • Stay still for a few minutes watching your thoughts come and go

  • Turn off some of the notifications you receive in your mobile device

  • Get out in nature even for a short walk

  • Block out times for specific tasks and let people know you aren't available

  • Practice only answering calls that are appropriate in the moment

  • Take a little time to write what's on your mind

  • Practice taking a few long, slow breaths when you're feeling stressed

  • Take a shower and focus on noticing the water drops hitting your skin

  • Get your to-do list out of your head and on paper instead

  • Intentionally reduce the amount of content you absorb (eg: nightly news)

  • Have someone else do a task for you that they would find enjoyable

  • Listen to music without words, such as nature sounds

  • Do an activity where you can shake your body out care-free

I think you get the point.

I'm thrilled to be back writing to you after some "space-time" and I'm looking forward to creating with you this year from a place of clear space. I encourage you to consider giving yourself some space so you can have a year better than any other..

What do I do now?

If you feel you want to do something different this year when it comes to your health and well-being, click here now to schedule a time to talk with me about the challenges you're facing.

I’ve helped many of my clients get crystal clear on what they ultimately want by getting healthier - they're often shocked to find out it's not what they thought.

In good health,


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