Just Breathe.

If we don’t take one breath, we die. Breathing is often forgotten as essential to life. In the morning we can start with a few focused breaths as we wake up. Notice the air moving in and out of your nose as it travels down into to your body. There are many breathing techniques out there. The point is to be aware of when you are stopping the natural flow of your breath, causing tension in your body.


This often happens when we are exercising. Try to allow your stomach to naturally expand when taking a breath in and contract when letting air out. Think of a balloon filling up with air and then letting the air out. When running up and down hills, you might start to get out of breath - this is normal. All you have to do is allow the short breaths to happen in rapid succession rather than forcing a breathing pattern you think you should be having. Even when you are eating, you can be focusing on breathing in between bites or before starting your meal.

Dejan PopovicComment