Shhhhhhhhh & Notice.

We all can benefit from a little bit of silence given all the noise around us. When you first wake up, try to sit up in bed for a few minutes without any noise. Just observe what is happening around you. If you jump in your car for a quick trip to the store, try doing it without any radio. It’s so impulsive for us to leave the radio on full tilt so that when we turn the ignition key the radio automatically turns on as we left it last.


Practice silence when someone is talking and avoid talking over them. You will know when you start talking before they finish speaking. You can also practice silence by going for a walk in the woods and paying attention to what comes up around you. If you are alone, you can practice eating in silence without the phone going off, radio busting out tunes or the TV blasting out the latest depressing news story.

Dejan PopovicComment