I'm sorry. What did you say?

In a world so full of noise and distraction, we listen but we barely hear anything. Listening means not talking when someone else is talking. If we are talking when someone else is talking we can’t really be listening to the other person. Even when we think we are listening, we must ask ourselves if we really understand what the person is asking, feeling or suggesting.


Try your best not to assume you know what the person is saying based on your assumptions and projections from the past. When someone is speaking, focus on them and not on the phone ringing, computer screen or another person interrupting. The person you are talking to wishes to be heard even when they don’t seem annoyed by your lack of attention. 

One of the most powerful gifts we can give an individual is the space to be heard without jamming words down their throat or finishing sentences for them. They are big boys and girls, they can finish their thoughts on their own if we let me.

Did you know that when an individual is about to jump off a bridge and take their own life, at that moment just noticing and witnessing the person without saying a word can save them from jumping? We speak they jump, we don't speak and they don't jump. That's how powerful listening can be.

In the comments below, I would love to hear which action you will take to listen more to those around you.

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