Write it down.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that we are not our thoughts. This can be a very delicate differentiation in our minds.

So often we start to believe every thought that comes to our mind. Just because it's in our mind doesn't mean we are that thought. When we have so many of these thoughts swirling in our minds, it can be difficult to notice that we can choose which thought to believe and which to dismiss. That's where taking a pen to paper comes in handy.


For me, this is a process of getting thoughts out of my head and onto paper. Getting those thoughts on paper places them outside yourself where you can observe from above.

This creates clarity and gives you a better perspective on various parts of your life. This is a place to allow yourself to be free with how you are feeling and what you desire. It's your home to explore your life and measure how you are progressing with your goals. Good times to write can be before bedtime, when you first wake up, after a significant event or throughout the day jotting down insights that come to you - which can be reviewed later on.

Grab that journal and write your heart out.

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