It's time to unplug.

We all know it and it's constantly talked about - the non-stop feeling of being plugged-in with technology doesn't seem to subside. Everywhere we turn, we feel we can't take a break or slow it down. However, at what point are we going to do something about it? Are we actually going to take action to change something in the way we live day to day, so that we can have a chance to experience true connection?


In my opinion, technology is a tool and I try very hard not to become attached to it. One way to do this is keeping TVs, computers and mobile phones out of the bedroom. If you wish to watch TV, have a designated area for doing so. Having the TV in the bedroom will keep you stimulated while in bed when instead you want to be falling asleep. Same with computer devices. If you have to use it in your bedroom, at least use it at a desk and don't bring it to bed. I keep my phone on the other side of the bedroom, away from the bed. If it's near the bed, I am more likely to reach for it.

If you use your phone to wake up, purchase an alarm clock to place on your nightstand instead. Also, by having the phone on the other side of the bedroom, it will get you out of bed and prevent you from hitting that snooze button.

When having a meal, take all devices off the table. Having devices on the table makes you more likely to impulsively play with it and be distracted.

So, next time you are about to pick up that phone or bring that laptop to bed, reconsider, and you just might improve the quality of your life.

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