You gotta move.

We can call it exercise, workout, WOD or whatever else you want. I simply like to call it 20-30 minutes a day of functional movement. For me, this typically is Running, Yoga, Hiking, Sightseeing or Cycling.

It doesn't matter what it is, the key is to attempt 20-30 minutes a day of getting that blood pumping and enjoying it. Over time you can increase that number to 60 minutes. You can break out multiple activities to total 60 minutes for the day if that's more doable for you.


If you enjoy the activity you are participating in, you will benefit much more from it. It should be fun, such as dancing, Zumba, trampoline, walking the city, swimming, basketball, pilates, bike riding, horseback riding or any other activity that floats your boat. One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Einstein which tells us this: "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

Sooooo... today, make a decision to jump up from your work desk and move your body in a funky, weird and strange way - your co-workers might look at you strangely, but who cares.

Sharing is caring: Movement is just one dimension of a healthier life. If you've got a friend who's struggling with their health & well being, please share with them my complementary Body Transformation Breakthrough Session. They'll thank you for it ;)