Did you write it down?

Before we can change any behavior within us, we must first become aware of it. One of the most impactful ways that I've been able to bring this awareness to myself is by writing my thoughts down on paper. I said paper, not a computer screen. Studies have shown that taking pen to paper eases depression and anxiety, enhances focus, calms the body and mind, and increases learning capacity - to name just a few benefits.

So often we start to believe every thought that comes to our mind. Just because it's in our mind doesn't mean we are that thought. When we have so many of these thoughts swirling in our minds, it can be difficult to notice that we can choose which thought to believe and which to dismiss. That's where taking a pen to paper comes in handy.


For me, this is a process of getting thoughts out of my head. Getting those thoughts on paper places them outside myself where I can observe from above. At the same time, this allows me to empty the mind and create more bandwidth for productive thinking. Since most of our thoughts are on a repeat cycle anyway, it can become complicated to think anything different. If that's the case, how in the world can we possibly do something different than we have in the past? 

The act of writing will give you clarity and gives you a better perspective on various parts of your life. This is a place to allow yourself to be free with how you are feeling and what you desire. It's your home to explore your life and measure how you are progressing with your goals. You just might actually come up with a goal worth writing down. Good times to write can be in the evening, upon waking up, after a significant event or throughout the day jotting down insights that come to you - which can be reviewed later on.

You might start with a simple 5-minute session alongside your morning coffee or evening alone time. Be aware that this might stir up some emotions within you. For this reason, initially, you might want to avoid the practice when you are attempting to fall asleep. Having these emotions stirred up within you isn't a time to run away or get all worked up. Remember to feel these emotions as they come and go and that you aren't the actual emotions that you feel. You can practice noticing this and letting it wash away along with the writing on paper.

Grab that pen and paper, give it a go and write it out.

What do I do now?

In my health coaching practice, I help my clients learn how to process their feelings and emotions as it relates to their health so that they can make choices that support their health goals. That’s huge!

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