Tidy up your mess.

We all have messes of various forms in our lives from time to time. When these messes pile up, we can start to get overwhelmed. I've heard it stated this way recently, old problems don't get better, they just get older - unless we do something about it.

In the state of mind of overwhelmed, we start to feel that we can't handle any more tasks or requests. Yet, we continue to absorb more information, more possessions and more drama around us. With all this clutter swirling around our minds, it's understandable how we can't focus on what's happening in front of us or maintain the connection with people around us.


We need less, not more. What we need is more quality rather than quantity in all areas of our lives. One way to accomplish this is taking away what you don’t need to gain what you genuinely want. It's time to cleanse! Cleansing comes in many forms, not just concerning nutrition. You can start purging with email. Unsubscribe from all those emails that are not important or relevant to your current situation. I'll need to read this later hardly ever happens. What you think you'll read next week, ends up in a folder or unread list only to realize that you don't even care much about it a few months later. While you're on the computer, clear off your desktop screen of all random files and do the same for folders, applications, and accounts.

Another area you can clean up is clothing. Go through your closets and donate those items that you don’t wear any longer. How about the car? Yup, go in there, take everything out and place back only what you need. File cabinets are another area creating confusion. Take the time to throw out all those papers personal and work-related that you know you'll never need. A great book on this topic is by Marie Kondo called The life-changing magic of tidying up.

The point is that every item, every email, every image in front of you is more information your brain has to process, and we don’t need any more brain overload. What we need is clarity to pursue our most desired goals.

What do I do now?

In my health coaching practice I help my clients determine what areas need to be decluttered in their lives in order to create room for improving their overall health.

Click here now to schedule a time to talk to me so I can help you establish a step-by-step plan on how to reach your health goals.

To your health,


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